At the beginning of 2003
The founder carried out research on insect breeding technology, and established insect provenance breeding and large-scale insect breeding demonstration base in wangchengxing Town, Changsha, covering an area of 240 mu. The monthly output of fresh Tenebrio molitor is more than 800 tons, and the annual export of dry insects is more than 2800 tons.
2015 operation research start
Haikun company was founded to create kunwa brand, obtain patent authorization, and develop fresh-keeping products (Tenebrio molitor and barley worm)
Little success in 2016
The product patent of frog feeding machine is authorized, and multiple customers are installed. November - probugs feeds Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company under Haikun company, was established
2017 is stable and mature
Jinan Branch was established, covering an area of 1300 square meters. A series of fresh-keeping insect products, such as centipede, cockroach, cricket and grasshopper, were developed, and the qualification of fresh-keeping insect export inspection and quarantine was obtained.
2018 across the future
All the clearance certificates of kunwa fresh keeping insect are sold to the world. Interzoo International Pet exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany, may - fresh keeping insect is exported to Taiwan, August - production center moves back to Changsha from Jinan, September - 17th Aquarama International Aquarium Exhibition Shanghai, October - 22nd CIPS Guangzhou great wall exhibition, October - 17th Aquarama International Aquarium Exhibition Shanghai,