Mission of the enterprise: deeply cultivate the insect industry, create the insect kingdom and deduce the industrial legend
Enterprise goal: set up a new benchmark of insect industry, become a century old enterprise,
Business policy: gather the wisdom of the universe, follow the law of nature, create the dream of Haikun and enjoy the joy of all
Business philosophy: focus on insects, professional people, dedicated to heart
Focus on insects: focus on scientific research of insect industry, cultivate excellent varieties and benefit people
Professional in people: people-oriented, specialized, leading technology
Dedicated to the heart: to benefit people for the first time; honest operation, attentive service to customers
Enterprise tenet: loyalty, unity, efficiency and innovation
Loyalty, that is to say, taking the interests of the enterprise into consideration, being conscientious and responsible, daring to take on responsibilities and being loyal to the enterprise,;
Unity, that is, unite colleagues, cooperate with each other, with the help of team strength, play individual ability;
Efficient, that is, to manage all the work flow, to achieve "evidence-based, orderly to follow," and constantly improve and improve the management system to improve work efficiency;
The essence of innovation is to break through, that is, to break through the old thinking mode and the old conventional commandments, to establish a production and operation method with stronger effect, higher efficiency and lower cost, so as to launch new products, new production (process) methods and open up new markets.
Core enterprise spirit: "no excuses, resolute obedience, results first".
That is to say, if there is an order, it can be done immediately, immediately and now.
If there is a ban, it should be stopped: resolute, decisive and responsible.
All the instructions of the company, the executive 100% to achieve "clear standards, process optimization, attention to detail, perfect results.".
Core values: employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and social satisfaction
Employee satisfaction: employees are the cornerstone of the company's development, create a comfortable working environment for employees, improve their working skills, and provide them with development platforms and opportunities.
Customer satisfaction: customers are the basis for the survival and development of the company. Only by doing a good job in customer relationship marketing can we achieve long-term and stable development, that is, to achieve the goal of "being a century old enterprise"
Social satisfaction: Based on the scientific research and development of insect industry chain, circular economy is adopted to solve environmental protection, agricultural breeding industry
Leisure industry, food industry and other livelihood issues contribute to China's economic and social development.