Hunan Haikun Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. - Speech by the chairman

Thanks to all the friends who have paid close attention to Hunan Haikun Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. for your understanding, trust, care and support, Haikun agriculture has developed steadily. Insect is the only protein material in the world that has not been developed by human beings, and it will bring great wealth to human beings in the future. Our original intention is to provide green and healthy organic feed for farmers, save costs for breeding users, and create greater economic value. 16 years, we have had hardships, but it is very meaningful. 16 years ago, for the insect industry, we were still the industry Xiaobai. Come out from Yiyang Anhua to welcome the new wind, fight the heat, eat cold rice and sleep on the floor. From Anhua to Changsha, from golden town to Jinan, Shandong, we pay too much. In those years, we have been insisting that one day we will see the dawn and succeed. Through 13 years of efforts, we have finally made remarkable achievements. We have a number of national invention patents. We are the only company in China that has made significant breakthroughs and scientific and technological achievements in the field of insects. We are a high-tech enterprise integrating insect breeding and technology promotion, R & D and production. The company's existing products: kunwa fresh-keeping insect, frog feeder, organic fertilizer and pet health products.

Hunan Haikun Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. - Introduction

Hunan Haikun Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company focusing on the development of insect industry chain. From 2002 to now, the company has extended its downstream feed business from insect breeding, insect provenance cultivation, insect preservation, dried insect, insect powder, insect oil and insect manure to the research and development of ecological and environmental protection transformation of organic matter. After more than ten years of cultivation technology and production process accumulation, it has a number of patent technologies and product chains for different markets.

At present, the company's fresh-keeping insect products include centipede, scorpion, silkworm chrysalis, dubia cockroach, cricket, grasshopper, barley worm, Tenebrio molitor, Phoenix worm, millet worm and so on. Domestic trademark "kunwa" series products are mainly sold to Guangdong, Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Tianjin, Shanxi, Liaoning and more than ten provinces. The international trademark "Probugs" series of products have obtained FDA certification in the United States, and the products sell well in European, American and Southeast Asian markets.

The company has established an industrial chain system from technology development and training to environmental protection (harmless ecological treatment of kitchen waste) to ecological agriculture, and then to breeding and animal feed industry. It has formed a sales system with Hunan as the center, Malaysia sales company and product agencies in the United States, Japan and South Korea.

The company will enter the global environmental protection market, distribute the back-end insect protein resource and productization, adopt circular economy to solve various livelihood problems such as environmental protection, agricultural breeding industry, leisure industry, food industry, etc., and continuously improve the ability of technology research and product research and development, so as to become a well-known scientific and technological innovation enterprise with domestic and international influence.